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By TrifleTower on Jun 7, 2017 at 1:00 AM
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    Hello all,

    First announcement in a while. Alpha Testing has been great and we thank everyone that has been involved. We've made some amazing progress on Flux-Network and can't wait to release tomorrow's Beta Test. It will begin in the evening on the 7th of June and end on the 10th of June. After that, from the 11th of June to the 15th of June the server will be offline to give us time to work on other things such as Discord, Forums, Buycraft and things like that. After that, on the 16th of June the new hosting will be purchased and the server will be back online in the evening. All of the staff team will be working very hard to get the server ready for the next day; the full release on the 17th of June.

    New Machine
    We were going for a 8GB and 2 Core machine but found a better host and offer so we're going with this...
    • Dedicated RAM: 16384MB
    • Hard Drive: 100GB SSD
    • Cores: 4
    • Port: 400 Mbit/s
    • CPU: i7-5820K
    • Server Uptime: 99.9%
    • Bandwidth: 40TB
    • DDoS Protection: 80Gbps
    • Hosted in Germany
    With this new machine, we will have no lag AT ALL and will be able to handle 50-200 players with no problem. This is a massive upgrade and boost for us and we can't wait to purchase this. We've estimated that the ping will be approximately...
    • United Kingdom: 20ms-50ms
    • United States: 90ms-160ms
    The ping will be pretty damn good.

    Staff Team
    Our current staff team has been updated and changed a lot since our last announcements.
    This is our staff team so far but we are still in great need of staff members. Please apply by going here if you haven't already. Those of you who have already applied and are waiting for a response, please be patient as we hope to get the applications sorted in a few hours.

    We'll be giving away 1 Permanent Flux Rank once we hit 50 Members on Discord.
    Join our Discord! -

    Server Information

    If you have any questions about this post or anything regarding Flux-Network, please ask!

    Kind Regards,


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TrifleTower, Jun 7, 2017.

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