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By TrifleTower on Sep 10, 2017 at 10:50 AM
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    Hello all,

    As much as I hate to be writing this announcement I feel everything that will be happening to Flux-Network is for the best. Recently our network has died down and we have rarely times when 1 player is online. This will not work out for us. That's why I've been speaking to RevVs who owns both networks of CrankedFactions and Daedric Networks which have grown to about 25-50 playerbase since their release. Flux-Network will be merging into a network that will be owned by RevVs and his partner.

    Don't worry, I will still be around and working with RevVs and seeing you all. I'll be the manager of the network there and have some ownership for that network. I have very high hopes for the new network and cannot wait to see it. I am almost 100% positive Flux-Network will grow into an amazing network and be much better than it ever has been. I was going to see the network a while ago but there was no one I was sure would do a good job with it. That's until I found RevVs, which I can assure everyone the network is in the right hands.

    Everyone who has donated will keep their donor ranks or get something in return that is equivalent to the amount you paid. I will speak to everyone if they have any questions about this. This will be sorted after the new networks release or near the release.

    The new network's name and release date is still masked as this will be revealed when me and RevVs sort things out and plan. This will most likely be released on the discord as well as the website. The network has a much better future now than it would if the merge wasn't taking place.

    Some people may be wondering what I'd be doing after this all starts. I will be working in some parts of development with the new network and I'll still be on every now and again on the forums and server. But what I'll be focusing some of my time and focus to is a hosting that I have had to completely restart due to past legal reasons. If anyone is interested in working for me or partnering with me I will be more than happy to recruit players and staff from Flux-Network. Please private message me about this.

    Some staff will be kept and some will be lost. Me and RevVs will interview all staff from here if you're still interested in a position. Keep in mind RevVs expectations are quite high as the server will be MUCH busy and harder to handle and work with than Flux-Network has ever been.

    If anyone has any questions about this merge please private message me. Flux-Network will be MUCH better.

    Kind Regards,


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TrifleTower, Sep 10, 2017.

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