Hello all,

As much as I hate to be writing this announcement I feel everything that will be happening to Flux-Network is for the best. Recently our network has died down and we have rarely times when 1 player is online. This will not work out for us. That's why I've been speaking to RevVs who owns both networks of CrankedFactions and Daedric Networks which have grown to about 25-50 playerbase since their release. Flux-Network will be merging into a network that will be owned by RevVs and his partner.

Don't worry, I will still be around and working with RevVs and seeing you all. I'll be the manager of the network there and have some ownership for that network. I have very high hopes for the new network and cannot wait to see it. I am almost 100% positive Flux-Network will grow into an amazing network and be much better than it ever has been. I was going to see the network a while ago but there was no one I was sure would do a good job with it. That's until I found RevVs, which I can assure everyone the network is in the right hands.

Everyone who has donated will keep their donor ranks or get something in return that is equivalent to the amount you paid. I will speak to everyone if they have any questions about this. This will be sorted after the new networks release or near the release.

The new network's name and release date is still masked as this will be revealed when me and RevVs sort things out and plan. This will most likely be released on the discord as well as the website. The network has a much better future now than it would if the merge wasn't taking place.

Some people may be wondering what I'd be doing after this all starts. I will be working in some parts of development with the new network and I'll still be on every now and again on the forums and server. But what I'll be focusing some of my time and focus to is a hosting that I have had to completely restart due to past legal reasons. If anyone is interested in working for me or partnering...
Hello all,

As some of you may or may not know, @UserInterface is no longer an owner or a staff member at Flux-Network. I am currently the only owner but this should be changed in a swift time. Not much really to comment on that.

Some of you may of seen the server very inactive and, well 'dead'. That's because me and Dylan were going to start a hosting company. Since Dylan has just abandoned all projects, I'm going to be putting the hosting company to a hold and dedicated more time to the server. I've decided to dedicated all of the machine's RAM towards the server and it will be back open as a network tonight. One of the big reasons for this is due to us beginning the development of SkyBlock. We believe this will be a big expansion for us and also very exiting.

We won't be giving much details about SkyBlock but all we're going to say at this time is that it will be a very exiting, fun and big addition to the network.

Any questions regarding this please ask one of the staff members.

Kind Regards,
Hello all,

It's been 1 week since release now and we believe its gone great. On the first few days we received many more donations than we expected. We're gained a few players but want to expand that.

We have finally found a fix to the bad economy and now the economy is very balanced and should do well. We're currently working on fixing all the bugs and getting the server as bug-free and optimized as possible. Once all that is done, which shouldn't take too long, we'll start working on advertisement. This will include getting a server trailer, YouTubers, Streamers, server slots. We hope this will help us expand and grow our player base.

At the moment, the donor kits and sell prices are getting balanced and tweaked the slightest to make them not too OP and not too bad. We will be hosting a lot more sales next month. Once everything is out of the way and we have more free time, the development team will begin on adding more custom features to the server such as quests and challenges.

After Prison has grown a player base, we'll begin the process of SkyBlock up. This will be a very busy time for us as well as exciting. We are not going to leak or share any of the ideas we have for SkyBlock just yet.

If you have any questions, please post them below.

Kind Regards,
Hello all,

Forum Theme
We've decided that our old theme was quite plain and boring and decided to go with a new theme. The current theme that you see right now. We think that it looks so much better than the old one and want to take in feedback and opinions. Should we keep this one or bring the old one back? Let us know!

Minecraft Account Association
A new feature has been put in place on the forums so you can connect your Minecraft account to your forums account on here. We decided to add this in case people have a different forum name to their in-game name and people get confused who is who. You can connect your Minecraft account by going here - https://flux-network.com/mc-association/view!


We have now bought Buycraft and have our domain connected to our store. You can now view the store by visiting it on the tab on our navigation bar. We're looking forward to hosting big sales and giveaways on there so stay tuned!

The Server
We have decided to purchase the new machine earlier so we have a lot more time to prepare for the release on the 17th June. We are very exited for the event and hope everything goes smooth and well.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

Kind Regards,
Hello all,

First announcement in a while. Alpha Testing has been great and we thank everyone that has been involved. We've made some amazing progress on Flux-Network and can't wait to release tomorrow's Beta Test. It will begin in the evening on the 7th of June and end on the 10th of June. After that, from the 11th of June to the 15th of June the server will be offline to give us time to work on other things such as Discord, Forums, Buycraft and things like that. After that, on the 16th of June the new hosting will be purchased and the server will be back online in the evening. All of the staff team will be working very hard to get the server ready for the next day; the full release on the 17th of June.

New Machine
We were going for a 8GB and 2 Core machine but found a better host and offer so we're going with this...
  • Dedicated RAM: 16384MB
  • Hard Drive: 100GB SSD
  • Cores: 4
  • Port: 400 Mbit/s
  • CPU: i7-5820K
  • Server Uptime: 99.9%
  • Bandwidth: 40TB
  • DDoS Protection: 80Gbps
  • Hosted in Germany
With this new machine, we will have no lag AT ALL and will be able to handle 50-200 players with no problem. This is a massive upgrade and boost for us and we can't wait to purchase this. We've estimated that the ping will be approximately...
  • United Kingdom: 20ms-50ms
  • United States: 90ms-160ms
The ping will be pretty damn good.

Staff Team
Our current staff team has been updated and changed a lot since our last announcements.
This is our staff team so far but...
Hello all,

This is good news an bad news in a way. We also have an exciting announcement.

Bad News
The bad news is that the date we originally planned for has had to be pushed back 1 day. The official date is now the 17th June 2017 at 5:30PM EST. This is now a SET date and we promise that this will not be changed. This is the OFFICIAL date as the last date was just a aim.

Good News
The good news is that with the date being pushed back, all the owners are free on that day meaning we have some very exciting events, giveaways, sales and much more. We are very excited for release and the server has progressed massively.

Beta Passes
Beta Passes are now officially released and available for purchase. When purchasing a Beta Pass you will receive...
  • Beta Tag
  • 3$ Discount Code
  • Access to Beta Mine
  • Access to Beta Events
  • Flux Kit
  • 5 Flux Keys
  • Beta Access
The price for a Beta Pass is only $3.50 and can be purchased here! Please note that Beta begins on the 7th June 11am EST and ends on the 10th June at 9:30pm EST.

If you have any questions about this update please ask.

Kind regards,
Hello all,

It's me again. As promised, I'm posting this announcement to discuss Flux-Network. We'll be talking about multiple things in this announcement and I advise you to read it all.

Release Date
We plan to release on Friday the 16th June, at around 5PM EST/10PM GMT. A lot more information will be announced within the next weeks regarding any changes on this any any updates on the servers development progress. Remember that this date is planned and not 100% going to be the same. It may be earlier or later.

The Staff Team
Currently we have 5 members in our team. We are hoping to recruit more staff but as of now, we think we're doing excellent on our current Staff Team status. Below is a list of staff on our team and what their role is at Flux-Network
We ask that you all submit your applications to us as we are still wanting to invite new people to our team.

Information about the Server
As of right now we don't want to give too much details our as we're on early stages of development but have made some massive changes and progress so far. What we can say is we'll be making the server as custom as possible. This will include custom plugins, custom enchantments, different type of ranking and prestige system. Please submit any suggestions you have for the server on the forums!

The Server Itself
As of right now, we're setting up our server on a 2GB VPS with a 1 Core processor. The server is running extremely well on this machine, even with 4 staff members online and 65 plugins running at a steady 19.50+ TPS. Just before the server releases, we'll be upgrading to a 8GB VPS with a 2 Core processor and we believe that the server will be able to handle everything with 50+ players no problem. We plan on using some of this ram to expand the network.

If you have any...
Hello all,

Flux-Network has been around for years. We first started in 2014 and closed down in 2016. All the successes and fails we've had over the past few years, we're positive that this year and the rest will be the best of all years for the return of Flux-Network. We have so much planned...

We have any unique features implemented and still being implemented into the server as well as many new and exciting events awaiting. We'll be hosting weekly events, such as Drop Parties, Giveaways, PvP Competitions, Mazes and so much more. If you're interested to find out more about Flux-Network, we ask you to register on the forums so you can keep up to date with all the news we have for you.

Tomorrow evening, we plan on posting another announcement which will include the current server release date as well as all the current staff team and information about how the server will be ran. We ask you read some of the information below so you can be prepared for the release of the server!

The current Owners of Flux-Network are myself, @TrifleTower, and my fellow friend, business partner and owner, @UserInterface.
We hope we see some Staff Applications and Server Suggestions posted on the forums so we can begin the re-growth of our community.

The forums is still under development and is NOT fully setup and ready.